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Scutch Combs & G Gibson & Co Ltd
Scutch combs are a Hardened Steel Insert used in both Chisel type and Hammer type Holders. Used for Cutting and shaping Stone, Brick, Mortar and Plaster they are low-cost replaceable cutting edges for hand tools. Scutch Combs were originally invented by the Faulds Family, of Glasgow, after working as Stone Masons and needing a solution for a Claw Tool that could be replaced easily. As the Claw tool was used heavily to remove material quickly, standard Claw chisels would quickly wear, and replacing a whole tool was not only expensive, but time consuming, as most had to wait for a Blacksmith to forge them. This tool which is now used by everyday trades due to its flexibility, price, and the speed of replacement, is one of the best ways of getting stone to shape quickly, for cleaning and dressing bricks, and for cutting channels in stone, brick and building blocks for electrical installations. Scutch combs (or Claw Bits, Droves, as they are sometimes referred to) are manufactured by G Gibson & Co Ltd, Leeds, UK. The entire process from Steel profile*, to finished product is complete within G Gibson & Co Ltd, and selected UK Companies for Heat Treatment and Plating. The design of the combs is the same as the original Faulds Design over 100 years ago, and has only changed in its appearance due to advances in plating. G Gibson & Co Ltd have manufactured these Scutch Combs since 1985, originally having most of the work subcontracted, and packaging them in the garage at home, compared to now where even the tooling to manufacture them is produced in-house, and only plating and heat treatment are provided by UK partners. All Steel is from UK Steel Manufacturers, with Mill certificates for traceability and quality assurance.

Scutch Combs - G Gibson & Co Ltd

They manufacture Three types of Scutch Comb, in Four Sizes - Stone Combs (5 Teeth-per-Inch), Marble Combs (7 Teeth-per-Inch), and Scutch Blades (No Teeth). in 1/2", 1", 1-1/2" & 2" Sizes. Standard Qty's are Prepacked in 10's, 25's, and Boxes of 100. Other Quantity's available on request. They Brand package on request to suit buyers, and can even package Pre-Assembled Scutch Holders with Combs, or Scutch Hammers with Combs.

To complement the Scutch Combs, Gibson also manufacture Scutch Holders and Scutch Hammers, with Fibreglass, Steel or Hickory Handles. Holders can be Hammer Headed or Pneumatic.

G Gibson & Co Ltd supply most of the Large Industrial Supply Companies, a large number of 'Well-Known' Hand Tool Brands*, many trade specific brands*, and hundreds of smaller businesses*. These companies market Scutch Combs under their own brands most of the time, but do ask your supplier of the Country of Manufacture if you want to be sure of Gibson Quality. At present, we know of no other UK company producing Scutch Combs, getting it right is not as simple as it may appear.

Scutch Combs that aren't Manufactured by G Gibson & Co Ltd
There are other Scutch Comb Manufacturers in the world, but our experience of these combs is not good. They tend to be made of poor grade steels, so whatever heat treatment is applied to them, they don't come up to the correct hardness, causing the combs to blunt and deform, and in some cases bend over completely. They tend to have a very poor surface finish, as when they do heat treat them, they don't use the correct process, and the surface of the steel burns away, leaving a porous finish. Because the material is a poor grade, its bends and distorts when being cut/punched, so the teeth are already rounded before you start to use them, this can also cause problems when fitting to your Scutch Holder or Scutch Hammer.

Scutch Combs - Competitors Poor Quality

The Photo's above show Our Comb on the left in each shot, the competitors are the Middle and Right in each Shot. Note the impressions in the competitors Combs, showing how soft they are compared. Ours measured 63 Rockwell, the others barely registered on the scale. The Second Photo shows the deformation achieved in a vice with a hammer. No Curvature on ours, but the other two bent over relatively easily. The third Shot shows the combs before and after each test. Note the quality of surface on the middle comb, and the curvature of both competitors' combs.

The finish treatment is often a poor quality process too, leaving patches uncovered, and in some cases using thick layers of paint, powder or chrome to cover up the poor surface. G Gibson & Co Ltd use Electroplating, and the finish is the same used on marine applications*, withstanding a Hot salt wash for many hours. This is also a very thin layer, so it won't interfere with the holder, other coatings can act like a skin, preventing the holder from getting grip on the Scutch Comb, leading to slippage and movement in the holder.

The poor quality Scutch Combs we have seen tend to come in small packs, vac-packed onto a cardboard backing, or sold in Three's, usually Two Scutch Combs and a Scutch Blade. If you are ever in doubt about the quality of your Scutch Combs, then Check with your supplier that they are made entirely in the UK, They are a Gold colour in appearance, and the teeth should be square edged, defined, and very hard. You should not be able to deform a good Scutch Comb with a hammer. If you put a Good Scutch Comb in a vice, as you would a holder, you should not be able to bend the comb at all, it should break before it bends. You will probably find that individual teeth would break off before it bends, as this level of hardness is requered to make them last during use, and to keep an effective cutting edge.

So you want our Scutch Combs.
If you're an individual end user of Combs, looking for small quantities, head here to buy direct.
If your A Distributor or Wholesaler looking to purchase for redistribution, or a Tool Manufacturer looking to add to your range, please contact G Gibson & Co Ltd at sales@g-gibson.com
We can Custom Pack/Print and package in large quantities to Customers requirements. Distribution direct to Branches also available.

*Due to Customer Privacy, we cannot divulge names of our Customers, nor the full and exact specification of the product for commercial reasons.